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Employee Spotlight: Greg Domingue

Posted by Jeb Bellard on Mar 19, 2019 4:06:22 PM
Jeb Bellard
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"The Mad Scientist" and His Journey to Crosby:

Known as Crosby's Modern Day Macgyver, Greg is an invaluable part of our team and has a very interesting history in the oil and gas industry.

⇒ He was a graduate of USL in the class of 1977 with a Computer Science Degree.

⇒ He landed a job right out of college that consisted of a great deal of computer programming.

⇒ As luck would have it, one of the friends that he was programming for was actually an electrician. This lead to Greg apprenticing under him and getting certified as an electrician himself.

⇒ This experience landed him his next career move for AF Industries where he served for 4 years as a Project Manager. This is where he got his start in building production process equipment.

He then went on to work for Phillips Petroleum for 2 years. (prior to them becoming Conoco)

⇒ From there he went to Hanover, which was acquired by Exterran, and he managed the building of production process equipment & compressor packages for the next 17 years. He led them to one of their most productive years topping revenue at about $35 million. (This gives him 30+ years of experience in Building Equipment.)

⇒ We are now super fortunate to have landed him at our Port of Iberia office where he serves as our General Manager. He loves it here because he can offer, and share his business knowledge with others. He enjoys building things and teaching the process of doing that. It’s his passion.


Hobbies & What Most Don't Know About Him:


Favorite Hobbies: Loves fishing at his camp in Butte Larose and deer hunting. 

Interesting Facts: He is an avid wine connoisseur. His favorite type is Cabernet. If he had to pick his ultimate favorite brand—it would be Camus. Only thing is, it’s not in a normal budget. He says that you don’t have much left over of a $100 dollar bill, after you buy a bottle of that. 😆😉

Favorite Quote: "Life is hard, it's worse if you're stupid." - John Wayne

Bucket List Item: Alaskan Cruise–he and his wife enjoy cruises. He stated that he has been on several warm cruises & now wants to try a cold cruise.

Advice For The Next Generation: Don’t let the competition out work you. 


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