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The Top 10 Pillars of Developing Self-Discipline

Posted by Jeb Bellard on Dec 11, 2018 11:36:49 AM
Jeb Bellard
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Self-discipline is most people's "white rabbit". 

We all want more of it yet it seems to elude our grasp most days when we chase it directly.

Sort of like "happiness". The best way to never be happy is to constantly chase directly after it.

But that is where self-discipline separates itself from other mythical, pop-culture terms such as "happiness", "motivation", and "empowerment". There are actually several actions you can take to build and maintain more self-discipline.

Here are the top 10 that if practiced daily could make you a much more consistent and reliable human being.


1. Embracing the Journey and not seeking a Destination:

More people are looking to "arrive" somewhere in their learning. The most successful and disciplined know that "there is not there, THERE." We are on a never ending journey of learning until we die. Embrace that and watch how your eyes and mind open just a bit more.

2. Resist Impulses:

What seems like a no brainer is the hardest thing to avoid in our non-stop notification era of living. If you want to be more disciplined and accomplish more in life, put away your cell phone and turn off the radio and TV while working on your biggest and most important projects. If you currently don't have any big and important projects, perhaps turning off the TV, computer, and your cell phone and thinking about what those could be, would suit you well?


3. Exercise:

Do you currently exercise? Then choose a form of it that you don't like or something more challenging and go after it. If you don't exercise, then start. This simple habit is always at the top of the list of the most accomplished humans amongst us. Do they do it for the health benefits or for the mental resilience? Who cares! Because they develop both along the way.


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4. Eat a better diet:

We all know eating better can improve our health and our discipline but what does a "better diet" look like? Great question. Instead of diving down one of the deepest rabbit holes that exist today (the one of the "best diet"), we encourage you to simply not indulge as much on foods that you know are unhealthy. Thinking about drinking to wind down after a "tough day"? Don't! Choose something else like a hot bath, a run, or meditating. That develops more GRIT along the way.


5. Meditation:

"But I don't have time to meditate." Good then you should meditate twice as long. Meditation, when practiced appropriately, gives the mind a bit of a shut down. This allows for more creativity, less stress, and a greater since of well being. We don't know about you, but we haven't felt that from answering more calls, more emails, and having more meetings. Perhaps there is something to this whole meditation thing?


This one is simple. The more sleep you are sacrificing in order to get ahead, is only going to bite you in the butt faster. You will retain less information from the day. You will increase your health risks. And you will operate more and more during the day as if you were drunk. Does that sound like someone who is more "disciplined"? We don't think so either. Good luck maintaining or finding a job with those characteristics on your resume'.



7. More Organization and Better Time Management:

If you are known for being late, missing dead lines, or forgetting to accomplish what you said you would, then you are practicing "anti-discipline." We live in a fast paced world. The best way to keep up is finding a system that works for you in order to keep you accountable and on time. The basic three parts of this system (in our opinion) include the use of a calendar, a to do list application, and a document repository system (think Evernote or OneNote). Just with these basics, you could become a self-disciplined ninja!

8. Better Goals:

If you don't have goals, you can't really accomplish anything great. You will find yourself simply "busy" and completing tasks and activities. Busy people usually are not very disciplined. They allow the day to run them. The disciplined have their eyes on the goal, their day planned towards it, and they control their working environment. We suggest you become better at the latter approach for your 2019 aims.



9. Gratitude:

Awe, look at us. Getting all sappy here... Not so fast. Gratitude has much less to do with appearing to "feel" as certain way and much more to do with mindset. The mind cannot be grateful and jealous or angry at the same time. When you are grateful for the things you have and the people around you, you aren't sulking about the things you can't afford and the places you can't go. Dwelling on that will surely kill you quicker than you like.




10. Be Aggressively Persistent:

Do you know what wasn't created in a day? Rome! You know what else? Your mental discipline and newly engrained habits. If you think you can change your current habits in a brief 24 hour period, you will be surely let down without a drastic amount of necessity behind the endeavor. But if you are on board with practicing these little habits daily, and incrementally getting better tomorrow than you were today at them, then you have no choice but to improve and build upon, not only your self-discipline, but your entire outlook and performance in life as well.

Good luck!

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